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Tour du Monde (GAS Records, 2004)

The Lunatics, in my mind, are one of the finest Euro-instro groups around. They recorded a cut for our Seasonal Favorites CD a few years ago and have released three excellent CD's. This, their latest release, is an amazing 16 track opus full of mind-blowing instros. There aren't many bands out here that play as well and write classic tunes as well as this combo does.

- Double Crown Records

Powerful and lively Surf Guitar instrumentals. Most tracks are Lunatics originals, with crisp production complimenting the dynamic performances. Excellent.

- Raucous Records

This is the third album from this Finnish instrumental rock group. Their sound has plenty of surf influence, but they also have some with more of an exotic flavor, some that are slower atmospheric pieces, some that are rock out, and several of them have funk and ska rhythms. “Ripe Oat” has a western/country feel to it, “Cramps” features saxophone, and they cover Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Their guitars have a clean sound in most parts, and are played exceptionally well. The production is clean too, so if you are looking for some lo-fi, fuzzed-out surf rock, this isn’t it. But it is quite good.

- BL, Rock'n'Roll Purgatory

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Beware (Lunatone, 2001)

Truly madcap four piece Finnish guitar band here living up to their name! Every cut is delivered at absolute breakneck speed - James Bond was never like this! It's a bit like the Ventures were moons ago. Exellent originals like The Domino Theory and Conspiracy push this along (as if it needed it!) and genre favourites El Greco and Twilight Zone add to the fun. Thundering, mindblowing CD and the most fun we've had listening to an album in years. Hard, strong performances. Now where are my calm tablets?

- Davy, New Gandy Dancer

The Lunatics are a dynamic guitar four-piece from Finland that delight in firing off their numbers in double quick time. Only four of these tracks run over three minutes and they kick off by zipping through the James Bond Theme in less than one and a half minutes. The other covers are El Greco, The Twilight Zone and Summertime which they pump out over a Green Onions riff. This is all possible due to the flying fingers of lead guitarist Sami Paananen who also composed the seven original tracks.

Sharp drumming from Mika Moilanen pushes The Lunatics throughout, and you can dip into the album at any point to find a decent melody snappily delivered by a razor sharp band. They're all very good, but there's still one tune that stands out. The Domino Theory has a galloping rhythm and a conventionally twanged lead, a Finnish instro classic in the making this is a little gem with its proud melody and neat guitar flourishes. The one slow track comes right at the end and is almost a full minute longer than any other at 3 minutes 07 seconds. Zodiac is a great showcase for Sami's echo guitar sound and is just the thing for winding down after the ten track storm that precedes it. Beware, another fine instro set from Finland, this time from The Lunatics aka Sami & The Pacemakers

- Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine

Fans of Laika and the Cosmonauts will like this a lot. It's in their general neighborhood, but developed differently, with less cute and more power. Some really nice arrangements here, along with excellent musicianship. Overall, the sound is a blend of Finnish surf and Euro, with dynamic drums and lots of energy.
Picks: James Bond Theme, The Domino Theory, El Greco, Escape From 5th Dimension, M.A.D.,Conspiracy, Top Secret, The Twilight Zone, Robtyrant, Zodiac.

- Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

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No sleep 'till Twang (Lunatone, 1999)

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